URBAN EFFORT: As more towns embrace need for development, builders see opportunity for new hot spots on rail lines

31, January 2017

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Jonathan Schwartz, principal, BNE Real Estate Group, at The Green at Bloomfield (PHOTO BY AARON HOUSTON)

via NJBiz — Jonathan Schwartz thinks back to roughly four years ago, when BNE Real Estate Group took the lead in a mixed-use redevelopment project in downtown Bloomfield. He knew then what he knows now — there was plenty to like about the rail-served location.

“It’s generally 30 minutes into Manhattan and (there’s) a lot of walkability,” said Schwartz, a principal with the Livingston-based development firm. “So, although most people in the suburban-urban towns like Bloomfield still have cars, you can still walk out of our project and walk to a hundred different restaurants, bars, stores, a variety store, diner — whatever it may be.

“That’s what attracted us to the area.”