‘The Green’ Takes Bloomfield Up a Notch

31, January 2017

the green at bloomfield, bloomfield nj, luxury rental community, rendering
via Jersey Digs — While several of New Jersey’s northern cities are experiencing a revitalization not seen in a generation, the trickle-out effect into the suburbs has also started to pick up some steam. Perhaps due in part to the reality that many young people are putting off buying their first homes, new apartment buildings in the “first ring” of New Jersey’s suburbs have been increasing in number, especially in towns that feature the walkability that millennials tend to prefer.

Some of those walkable downtowns near New York City, like Summit or Ridgewood, are well established. But Bloomfield, a town of just under 50,000 that’s sandwiched between Belleville, Montclair, Glen Ridge and Nutley in Essex county, has frequently taken a backseat to some of the bigger names despite its potential.